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Become a member / query password


How to become a member ?
How to join the the QDN technical Union?
What should you do if you forgot your password ?


Activate DAS authorized service


How to activate members authorized eligibility?


The EPD cloud drawings security system


Why am I unable to see EPD display?
EPD cloud drawing safety system methods

User Interface Description 

How to search with "keyword"? 
How to use commonly used tools in place?
A warning message often pops out when you visit the website "This screen contains both the safety and security project.To display the nonsecure items" what is going on?
Why can't I download or install the software?

Shopping / payment / order inquiries 

Payment methods

Bank transfers and remittance instructions
Online credit card payment methods
Internet credit card verification services 
When using credit card for payment what will pop up in internet explorer page and how to confirm the security
Online credit card payment steps
How do I know whether the payment I made was a successful one ?
Can I return purchase?
After you placed an order, is it possible for you to cancel the order ?

Steps to activate the software

How to know when the product activation key expires?
 Can't find the problem you encounter?
Please visit ARES College, we will have professional engineers to give you a complete answer.

How to visit ARES College?

Become a member 
(Refer to the registration process)The ARES Spirit of service of the DAS is to create an affordable price,professional services platform to provide the most close to the users' needs.To safeguard the interests of the good quality of service, and users like you, before the use of any service or purchase goods, you must first apply to become our member.Become the basic membership is free of charge. After you fill out the application information, the system will send a certification letter to your e-mail mailbox.To confirm that you receive all the messages issued in the future; be sure to pay attention to whether you receive a certification letter, and click after the receipt of the certification provided by the contents of the letter link to activate your account preliminary.If you send the registration form within 24 hours and have not received the confirmation email, please contact us, we will re-send you a certified email to your an alternate email provided in the registration form .After you use a certified email to activate your account, we will immediately begin reviewing your application, to safeguard the interests of service quality and protect the members, we do not accept any application made untruthful information, before you apply, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, sorry for your inconvenienceBack to top
Registration process 
Step one: Go to the registration page, select the user type carefully read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, then click agree Step two: Fill in the registration form (please provide a complete detailed and in accordance with the real personal information)[Individual user ][Developer] Personal user registrationDeveloper registrationStep three: click send, the system will send a verification email to your registration email, please use the verification link in the email to verify the account.   Step Four: After validation is complete, wait for our administrator to review your information, you will received an email once we offically approve your membership application. Step Five: You can login to the ARES DAS, enjoy the services we provide! 
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How to join the the QDN technical Union? 

If you want to get a the ARES third party development of commercial contracts. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What happen if you forgot your Password ? Back to top

 If a member forgot password, click "Forgot Password"in the login page, the system will automatically reset your password, and send a new password to your registered email, after you receive a new password, login to DAS to change your password.

The annual membership authorization activation steps: Back to top
    1. Login DAS

    2. Click the [ License ]button on the top of dialog.

    3. Click [Activate].

    4. Click automatically activate or renewal.

    5. Select the products you purchased to enable the lock.

    6. Click enabled on the right side

    7. Exit enable dialog .

    8. Click to view enabled, you can query the authorization deadline. 

How to see the EPD screen Back to Top
    • We found out that on some machines, Internet Explorer security settings block the automatic installation program of the EPD components, you can download manual installation, and then open the program Browse Blocks Internet.

    • EPD currently supports Internet Explorer 9 32-bit version.

    • Alternatively, you can download the the ARES installation program, the EPD components can be installed automatically.

EPD Toolbar Introduction 

EPD Toolbar Introduction

 IconCommandFunction Zoom inZoom in the display. Zoom outZoom out the display. Zoom allZoom all or Increase Magnifier size Zoom PreviousZoom Previous or decrease Magnifier size Zoom WindowSpecific an area to zoom in. Dynamic PanDynamic mobile drawings without changing the magnification. Dynamic ZoomMoving upwards to zoom in and moving downwards to zoom out.  ManifierThe engineering picture will zoom in with this tool.  Background colorThe command can change the background color. grey256 pixel picture will show, suitable to engineer drawing. LinewidthThis tool can open and close the line width display. Layer ManagerThis tool can manage open or close the drawing layer. Measuring ToolThis tool can measure the size of the drawing. HelpHelp Tool
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How to use the keyword search? 

Members can look for the keyword search in the above page 『keyword search』,key in the product id, name of product,supplier name,keyword of the product, parts id, state any of this keywords you will be able to find your products that you are looking for, if you are not sure about the products you looking for, we have database for our products and you can narrow down the search to feed your needs.

Common tools instructions  Back to Top

Common tools to install into the software you use frequently, adding to the tools list, you can according to preferences for the classification of commonly used tools named to rename the classification, with right-click, you can add, delete, rename the classification.

Detailed steps as shown below:

1. Move the APPS console dialog to common tool interface 2. Press the 『Add』instruction button 3. Name the new classification. 4. Begin to click on a commonly used tool. 5. Finish. 6. Right-click to edit the classification 


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When you browse the site, if the message above appears it may be the computer that you are using caused the problem. 


solution one: add " " in trusted sites.


IE users select the toolbar "Tools" → "Internet Options" → "Security" → "trust site" → "Site" for "" web site fill will be this website to the zone.".


Solution 2: Change the IE security settings to cancel the prompts.


"Tools → Internet Options → Security" → "Internet" → "Custom Level" → Miscellaneous → "Display mixed content instead of disabled.


When this promt appears during downloading, you need to improve with follow instruction to solve dowload issues

    1. You must become a member of the DAS.

    2. You may not have activate or purchase your annual authorized member services.

    3. You need to use the the ARES platform APPS console, login to your member account can be downloaded free installation tool and library.

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Currently the ARES DAS to provide 3 types of payment methods: : 

1. Bank transfer


2. Postal Giro

Instruction on bank transfer and by giro 
After the purchase finished, the internet and order confirmation will show the account number of the order, please complete payment in this account number, after the transfer is sucessful, we will deliver your purchase immediately. You can click "confirm purchase" in "order" to check the bank account.
3. Online credit card payment
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Online credit card payment instruction:


We only accept VISA、MasterCard,procedure fee excluded.

All of the online payment is are responed immediately from the bank, the respond time varies due to the quality of internet connection, please remember to record your serial number and purchase amount before clicking the confirm purchase button, and wait for respond, when the results come out, you can shut down the screen. If it shows server time-out, please return to ARES Design Cloud to re-purchase, or ask us if your payment was successful.
Online Credit Card Verification Services
The credit card confirmation must be conducted through different confirmation service in different banks.
When settle accounts, there are popout confirming the safety of paying online. Back to top
Online payment steps Back to top

Online payment successful

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How to know of the payment is sucessful or not Back to top
Please log in the ARES ARES Design Cloud, and click order inquiry on the webpage to see the status of purchasing. If the payment is sucessful, the order status will show "delivered". Other status are explained as follows:
StatusInfoNon-payment〔Payment confirmation〕Not yet complete the paymentProcessing〔View〕Fill in the remittance confirmation is to confirm the amountThe product has been delivered〔Registration card〕Recognized amounts, click〔registration card〕to check the product serial number for activation.
Instructions on return purchase 
ARES Design Cloud purchased by the members are entitled to product trial period. To protect your rights, trials are given before you buy the products to let customers to test the products ,Refunds will not be accepted after payment is completed.
After the order completion, can cancel or exchange of goods ? 
Order cannot be cancel after order conformation or exchange
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APP-enabled tool, follow these steps, 
  1. When you get the serial number of this software, please install the product downloads to the computer.

 2. After downloading is complete, install the software interface, click [activate the software] -> and then click [automatically enabled or renewal], there will be to enable the serial number of the page.  
3.Finally, you have to buy next to the product serial number, click the [activate] and complete activating the product. 
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How do I know if the toolsperiod after the open APP tools? 
1. You can click on the bottom of the page of the installation tool to activate the software] -> then click [detection enabled] to know the period of use.
2. You can also launch the installed software dialog box to view product remaining number of days.
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