Our Motto:
Insist on integrity and create inexpensive and innovative service platform, which is closer to the interaction mechanism between users.

In line with the spirit of excellence and sustainable services and the enthusiasm of the CAD industry, we established a convenient platform for vast CAD users. We provide comprehensive and attentive service to every CAD-related requirement. We create a space for CAD-users; it is the best medium for CAD-users to exchange their ideas.

Integrated CAD talent pool, third-party apps, drawing and other resources that allow you to get used to search for resources, exchange ideas and get cases. Download relevant resources directly from the CAD drawing windows. If you are satisfied with our service, you only need to pay a small amount of money annually to acquire the right of use. 

We provide you inexpensive right of use of CAD software. Our service is different from the others: we provide service oriented innovation sales method, not product oriented. You don’t need to spent a lot to view drawing or modify the drawing anymore.
Rent professional CAD relevant tools and software as well as download free or trial version of CAD software and 3rd party application with deal price.
Use ARES Knowledge Discovery, exchange a variety of technical and professional knowledge with other uses.
Publish manufacturer information and recruitment ads, or publish your resume and find your future career or get cases without spending too much time.
Proudly present proud of third-party applications on the platform, meanwhile, you can sale and manage the product at the same time. 
We offer free online drawing database, share and manage your drawings or material archives easily.
We provide full technical support, with our online knowledge base and diversification of teaching film and document

 Join Design Cloud NOW and enjoy our services.




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If you have any question or need any technical help, please visit our Knowledge Discovery. Several professional enginner will be glad to answer your questions.

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